Play to Save the Planet!

Sweeten the game and embark on a guilt-freegaming experience that transcends the boundaries of entertainment – welcome to ClimateCandy. In this innovative and delightful match-three puzzle game, yourevery move not only satisfies your sweet tooth but actively contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and combating climate change.


Make the planet a better place while having fun!

Play with Purpose

Engage in the addictive and visually stunningworld of Climate Candy, where every candy you match represents a positiveaction for the environment. Swap, match, and crush candies to unlockeco-friendly initiatives and lower your virtual carbon footprint.


Unleash the power of sustainability with unique boosters that reflect real-world green technologies. From wind turbines to solar panels, each booster aids in offsetting virtual CO2 emissions and helps you progress through the game.

Real-world impact

Climate Candy is not just a game; it's amovement. As you conquer levels, you'll earn points that translate intotangible contributions to environmental initiatives. Witness the positiveeffect of your gaming efforts through updates on real-world projects aimed atreducing carbon emissions.

Community Collaboration

Join forces with a global community of like-minded players. Form alliances, share  strategies, and collectively work towards in-game environmental  milestones. The more you play, the more impact you make as a united force for positive change.

Why Climate Candy ?

Positive Reinforcement: Feel the satisfaction of making a difference while enjoying the thrill of gameplay. Global     Solidarity: Connect with a diverse community of players,     each contributing to a shared goal of a cleaner, greener world.

Play it now!

It's time to turn your gaming addiction into aforce for good. Join the sweetest movement on the planet – Climate Candy: Sweeten the Gaming World, Save the Planet!


We offer white label causal games

Looking to supercharge your retail loyalty program?

ClimateCandy offers the perfect solution. With our white-label games, you can seamlessly integrate gamification into your loyalty initiatives.

🎮 Engage Your Customers: Our customizable games create an engaging and fun experience for your retail customers. It's not just shopping; it's an adventure.

🏆 Boost Loyalty: Reward your customers for their loyalty with points, achievements, and prizes, all while they have a blast.

🌿 Sustainability Focus: Embed sustainability challenges and rewards into the game to encourage eco-friendly shopping choices.

Your Brand, Your Game: We'll tailor the game to match your brand identity, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for your customers. Elevate your retail loyalty program with ClimateCandy's white-label games.

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A powerful tool for education

📚 Educational Gamification: ClimateCandy transforms learning into an interactive adventure. By integrating educational content into our games, students can absorb knowledge while having fun.

🌎 Environmental Awareness: We believe in nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards. ClimateCandy incorporates sustainability challenges to teach students about eco-conscious choices.

👩🏫 Customizable Curriculum: Educators can customize game content to align with specific curriculum objectives, making learning both engaging and effective.

🏆 Rewards for Progress: Students earn rewards and achievements for reaching educational milestones, motivating them to excel in their studies.

🌟 Inspire the Future: ClimateCandy empowers educators to inspire a lifelong love for learning and environmental responsibility in their students.

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Promotoe your messages effectively

.🎮 Gamify Your Campaign: Transform your campaign into an interactive adventure. Engage your audience with gamified challenges, rewards, and achievements that keep them hooked.

🌱 Sustainability Focus: Embed sustainability themes and eco-friendly challenges into your campaign, fostering awareness and encouraging eco-conscious actions among your audience.

🎨 Customization: Tailor ClimateCandy to seamlessly align with your campaign's branding and objectives. Make it uniquely yours.

🏆 Achieve Impact: Go beyond traditional campaigns by motivating your audience to take meaningful actions.

Engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impact with our white-label solutions. Campaign with ClimateCandy - where engagement meets impact!

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Answers to all your questions

What is the problem?
Too much CO2 in the air creates climate change. Heatwaves, droughts, floods, bushfires, pollution and much more. Here you find a list of challenges and how we can solve them. Climate action takes decades but humans want instant gratification.
How can I check the impact?
In the game you can see the success in the leaderboard. If you want to learn how the technical side of the certificates and proof of impact works we have a very technical article here
What are Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsets
Terminology can be a bit confusing at time. Here is article that will clarify things a bit.
Why are users rewarded with impact?
The game makes money with ingame purchase and ingame ads. Half of that money is used for purchasing and retiring carboncredits. This is how the offsets are created.
How we solve the problem!
It is very easy. If we plant trees, mangroves and restore nature then plants take CO2 out of the air make wood out of it. Here you find a list of places where we are active. By rewarding users every level we bridge temporal challenge between instant gratification that humans wanth and decades for climate action to take place.
How can I support climate action?
In the game you can see the success in the leaderboard. If you want to learn how the technical side of the certificates and proof of impact works we have a very technical article here
How successful is ClimateCandy?
In 2023 ClimateCandy had over 160'000 downloads and over 1800 tons of CO2 retired in various places of the world.
Why blockchain?
Reto Habegger wrote a paper about the current development state of #CO2Certificates and #blockchain.Continue to read here

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